First Look at the Girls' Frontline Q-version Team DEFY Figure Set!

To all Shikikans who have patiently waited ~ The 4 members of Team DEFY will be arriving soon in the month of June! (>ω・* )ノ
In the meantime, we at Luminous⭐Merch Shop have received some official images for a first look at the Q-version (Chibi) Minicraft 4-pack produced by Hobby Max company!
The packaging continues the design theme of the previous AR team:
All 4 tactical action figures will be equipped with replacement faces×1, hand styling accessories×2, and leg styling accessories×2.
In addition, there will be separate exclusive accessories:
After the assembly is complete, that's it——
(The assembly steps can be found in the instructions manual.)
The overall height of each Minicraft series figure is 10 cm, which is quite petit and cute when you hold it in your hands.
Various replacement parts are available for commanders to freely match and combine various shapes!
As is commonly known, closed-eye characters tend to be the most ruthless characters. In addition to her closed-eye expression, AK-12 is also equipped with a shocking open-eye faceplate. The two expressions can be swapped to simulate her "switch" mode.
This AN-94 sports a different hair color and style from her counterpart AK-12. Her hair band is painted with metallic texture. The small braids at the ends of the front hair are connected by independent joints with mobility. She seems to be more easygoing from the looks of it!
The former captain of the Disobedience Squad is equipped with gun accessories×2. In addition to the main M4A1 gun type, she comes with the modified railgun and an explosive effect piece. Her parts are compatible with the previous M4A1 release in the Anti Rain Team Q-version Set by Hobby Max!
ST AR-15
AR-15 was divided into two parts after her "transformation", so there are also two gun accessories: the metallic silver and black iron color paint is used to reflect the metal texture of each gun. Like M4A1, her parts are compatible with the previous ST AR-15 release in the Anti Rain Team Q-version Set by Hobby Max!
Multiple replacement parts are available for Shikikans to mix and match to form a variety of scenes from the world of Girls' Frontline. We can’t wait to see everyone’s figure photos!
Thank you for reading our blog (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭❤~